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please don't bother adding me to your watch, I'm not posting anything here anymore.
it's done.
Hey. I'm kinda done with this account. I'm sick of people being really gross and getting sexually harassed via notes. I no longer enjoy drawing V. I won't shut this account down, but I'm pretty much done with posting stuff.
-This is Ashie, signing out for probably the last time for a long time

Commissions: .:OPEN:.

Journal Entry: Wed May 21, 2014, 11:08 AM
I'm on vacation now, commissions are back open.
Commission Slots: (In no particular order)
1: -OPEN-
2: -OPEN
3: -OPEN-

Waiting List: 0
If you want to order a commission but there is no slot, you will be put on the waiting list and will receive the next slot to open up. To order a commission, send me a note detailing your idea and what you'd like, I'll give you a quote, and then let you know you've been put on the waiting list. I will message you when you have been moved to an active slot.


I the artist promise to:
-Finish any commission that is purchased
-Fix important mistakes that are made (Wrong hair color, eye shape,  etc. Not 'move the nose down three pixels' or 'change the whole pose entirely' If you want a specific pose, you need to provide info for it beforehand)
-Give a full or partial refund if the commission cannot be started/finished (Due to my own personal circumstances apart from the buyer)
-Get the art to the customer in a timely manner (Depending on complexity, this can range from a few hours to a few weeks -for longer projects-)
-Notify the buyer as soon as the commission is done or within 24 hours of completion.

I the customer promise to:
-Communicate my desires clearly
-Understand and work with discrepancies between my description and the artist's vision
-Provide any necessary reference for characters
-Have the money upon ordering the commission or within one week of ordering (You can't buy commissions with credit)
-Pay a $10 late fee if I do not have the money to the artist within a week of the finish date (Which is why you need it upon ordering)
-Let the artist know if I need to cancel or hold off, as soon as possible
-Pay for any extra hours of work if I ask for major changes to a commission
-Pay for the commission(s) I order (Unless there are proven unavoidable circumstances that prevent you from paying. You will not receive your artwork, regardless.)
-Pay the artist AFTER she has finished, no sooner. (This motivates me to get your commission done as soon as possible.)
-I will not post my commission anywhere without the artist's written consent

Now keep in mind, I'm pretty flexible. All of these rules are simply here to keep the buyer and the artist safe. They protect the buyer from paying undue fees and waiting copious amounts of time for their commission, and the artist from being cheated.


These are my limitations and what I will NOT draw (EVER, don't even ask):
-Hard V
-Digestion (And all that it entails)
-ASK IF YOU ARE UNSURE, I can't go listing ALL my 'won't do's.

Here's what I WILL do (No problem):
-Foodie pics (a character with some sort of food)
-Micro/Macro, M/f, F/m, F/f , M/m
-Fluffy PG/G rated stuff
-Mythical Creatures
-Most Taurs (Mermaid/man, centaur, any other half animal, half human)
-Fantasy Creatures (This includes Pokemon)
-Ask me about anything else you don't see


Each art piece has an included two character max for the price, any added characters will be extra.
Prices change with complexity. Please note or PM me with questions or a quote.

Base Prices (Without any extras):
Sketch: $5-15
Lineart: $20-35
Colored: $40-55

(No more than 5 panels per page for uncolored, 4 for color)

Sketch- $30 per page (Max of 8)
Lineart- $50 per page (Max of 6)
Flat Colors- $55 per page (Max of 4)
Cel shading- $70 per page (Max of 3)
Copic Coloring/Complex shading- $80 per page (Max of 3)

(Please note that you can order more than the max pages, but anything above the max will be handled as a separate commission, even if it is a continuation of the previous pages. Ex: Order 10 sketch pages, and it would be one 8 page commission and a 2 page commission.)

Extra characters are $5-20 each depending on complexity, visibility, and commission tier (sketch, line, color).

My rate is $10 per hour. Ask for a quote.
No animations over ten seconds.

This is AshieV, signing out. :meow:
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Sorry this account has been so dead... I'm not much into this account anymore, sad to say, and I've been taking an unannounced hiatus. It's not DEAD but it's not very alive either. Sorry;;;
also this new dA set up is weird


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lorrrrrr Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
Hi, can I ask you a question?

Can I have your definition on what safe vore is? When I read the new rules on your club (which is posted here: my-safe-place-vore.deviantart.… ), It stated that death is allowed as long as there's reformation in it. Does this contradict the journal entry that you made on September 18, 2014?

I know I could've asked on the club's website but I'm not a member of the club, also I fear that I would be antagonized by some of it's members for reasons that are difficult to explain. I did nothing to them, I just stumbled onto what could be controversial, and I just want to see if death with reformation counts as safe vore in your club. I'm just a lurker trying to solve an enigma here, and this is the 7th or 8th time I have made any comment.
woodyfromtexas Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
Can I have a giant request?
GodessYukiWinters Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
your art is so pretty~ o///o i think i might comission you >////<
AshieV Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
Baw thank you ;v; I would like something new to post here... Drop me a note!
GodessYukiWinters Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
oh yay! >///< id love to~
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